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Organized by:


I.S.I.R., Osaka University
Co-organized by:

School of Science & Technology, Kwansei Gakuin University

Faculty of Commerce, Kansai University

In Cooperation with:

The Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence



Guidance for Chairs of PAKDD 2008

Prior to the beginning of your session:

  1. Please check "Program" on the Web Page in advance. Your session may consist of long papers (25min talk and 5min discussion), regular papers (17min talk and 3min discussion) and short papers (12min talk and 3min discussion).

  2. IMPORTANT!!: Please visit the conference registration desk before your session starts to pick up your "Ribbon" to indicate that you are a session chair and "Session Report Sheet" to be filled by you during your session. Please make sure if you put the "Ribbon" near your name badge.

  3. Please check "On-Site Program Updates" which will be indicated in front of each session room. You may see any changes and cancellations to the session you are chairing.

  4. Come to the room approximately 10 minutes before your session starts, and check if each speaker is in the room. In addition, confirm the pronunciation of the speaker's name and affiliation.

  5. If you find any problem of the environments of your session room, please contact our operation staff who is in the room. The operation staff is identified by its name badge.

During and after your session:

  1. At the beginning of your session, instruct the speakers the times allocated to their talks and discussions.

  2. Please keep the session schedule. You are responsible to maintain the schedule accurately.

  3. Please let all speakers use the microphone when it is provided. We do not provide any microphone in some small rooms. Please take care of the speakers not to hide the screen from the audience.

  4. Remind every speaker their remaining time by flash cards which will be provided in every session room. The presentation of a long paper includes 25min talk and 5min discussion, the presentation of a regular paper includes 17min talk and 3min discussion, and the presentation of a short paper includes 12min talk and 3min discussion.

  5. IMPORTANT!!: Complete your "Session Report Sheet" and return it to the registration desk after your session. This sheet is highly important to check "NO SHOW" presentations and essential to keep the quality of the presentations in PAKDD.

  6. IMPORTANT!!: In case that a presentation ends earlier than the scheduled time or is a "NO SHOW", use the extra time for discussions among the audience and yourself. Avoid starting the next presentation early.
    If any presentation is canceled due to some reason including the "NO SHOW", DO NOT MOVE to the next presentation. Just adjourn until the scheduled time of the next presentation. This is ESSENTIAL to make all attendees follow the published/announced schedule. MAKE SURE to complete the "Session Report Sheet" to indicate the "NO SHOWS".