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Accepted Papers

PAKDD2006 received 501 paper submissions, of which 67 (13.4%) papers are accepted as Regular Papers and 33 (6.6%) are accepted as Short Papers. As such, the Program Committee regrets that many excellent papers could not be included in this conference due to the limited number of papers that can be included in the conference proceedings.

Regular Papers:

Title: Achieving Private Recommendations Using Randomized Response Techniques

Title: Patterns of Influence in a Recommendation Network
Authors: Jurij Leskovec, Ajit Singh, Jon Kleinberg

Title: Using Weighted Nearest Neighbor to Benefit from Unlabeled Data
Authors: Kurt Driessens, Peter Reutemann, Bernhard Pfahringer, Claire Leschi

Title: Enhancing Duplicate Collection Detection through Replica Boundary Discovery
Authors: Zhigang Zhang, Weijia Jia, Xiaoming Li

Title: SGPM: Static Group Pattern Mining using Apriori-like Sliding Window
Authors: John Goh, David Taniar, Ee Peng Lim

Title: Recursive Naive Bayes Learner of Multinomial Event Model for Sequence Classification
Authors: Dae-Ki Kang, Adrian Silvescu, Vasant Honavar

Title: An Adaptive Intrusion Detection Algorithm based on Clustering and Kernel-Method
Authors: Hansung Lee, Yongwha Chung, Daihee Park

Title: Cleopatra: Evolutionary Pattern-based Clustering of Web Usage Data
Authors: Qiankun Zhao, Sourav S Bhowmick, Le Gruenwald

Title: Evaluating a Rule Evaluation Support Method Based on Objective Rule Evaluation Indices
Authors: Hidenao Abe, Shusaku Tsumoto, Miho Ohsaki, Takahira Yamaguchi

Title: An EM-Approach for Clustering Multi-Instance Objects
Authors: Hans-Peter Kriegel, Alexey Pryakhin, Matthias Schubert

Title: A Multi-Hierarchical Representation for Similarity Measurement of Time Series
Authors: Xinqiang Zuo, Xiaoming Jin

Title: Summarization and Visualization Of Communication Patterns in a Large-Scale Social Network
Authors: Preetha Appan, Hari Sundaram, Belle Tseng

Title: One-Class Support Vector Machines for Recommendation Tasks
Authors: YAJIMA, Yasutoshi

Title: Improving on Bagging with Input Smearing
Authors: Eibe Frank, Bernhard Pfahringer

Title: Improved Negative-Border Online Mining Approaches
Authors: Ching-Yao Wang, Shian-Shyong Tseng, Tzung-Pei Hong

Title: Mining Adverse Drug Reactions from Administrative Health Databases
Authors: Huidong Jin, Jie Chen, Chris Kelman, Hongxing He, Damien McAullay, Christine.OKeefe

Title: Intelligent Particle Swarm Optimization in Multi-objective Problems
Authors: Shinn-Ying Ho, Wen-Yuan Ku, Jun-Wun Jou, Shinn-Jang Ho

Title: Level-biased Statistics in the Hierarchical Structure of the Web
Authors: Guang Feng, Tie-Yan Liu, Xu-Dong Zhang, Wei-Ying Ma

Title: Hierarchical Clustering based on Mathematical Optimization
Authors: LeThi Hoai An, Le Hoai Minh, Pham Dinh Tao

Title: Domain-Driven Actionable Knowledge Discovery in the Real World
Authors: Longbing Cao, Chengqi Zhang

Title: DeLiClu:: Boosting Robustness, Completeness, Usability, and Efficiency of Hierarchical Clustering by a Closest Pair Ranking
Authors: Elke Achtert, Christian Boehm, Peer Kroeger

Title: Detecting Citation Types Using Finite State Machines
Authors: Le Minh Hoang, Ho Tu Bao, Yoshiteru Nakamori

Title: Efficient Discovery of Structural Motifs from Protein Sequences with Combination of Flexible Intra- and Inter-block Gap Constraints
Authors: Chen-Ming Hsu, Chien-Yu Chen, Ching-Chi Hsu, Baw-Jhiune Liu

Title: A Fast Greedy Algorithm for Outlier Mining
Authors: Zengyou He, Shengchun Deng, Xiaofei Xu

Title: Combination of smooth graphs and semi-supervised classification
Authors: Xueyuan Zhou, Chunping Li

Title: Neighbor Line-based Locally linear Embedding
Authors: De-Chuan Zhan, Zhi-Hua Zhou

Title: iWED: An Integrated Multigraph Cut-based Approach for Detecting Events from A Website
Authors: Qiankun Zhao, Sourav S Bhowmick, Aixin SUn

Title: Mining Temporal Indirect Associations
Authors: Ling Chen

Title: Ranking Outliers Using Symmetric Neighborhood Relationship
Authors: Wen Jin, Anthony K.H.Tung, Jiawei Han, Wei Wang

Title: High Performance Data Stream Processing on a Novel Hardware Enhanced Framework
Authors: Ming-Syan Chen, Wei-Chuan Liu, Ken-Hao Liu

Title: Clustering Large Collection of Biomedical Literature based on Ontology-enriched Bipartite Graph Representation and Mutual Refinement Strategy
Authors: Illhoi Yoo, Xiaohua Hu

Title: Weighted Intra-Transactional Rule Mining for Database Intrusion Detection
Authors: Abhinav Srivastava, Shamik Sural, A. K. Majumdar

Title: A Novel Indexing Approach for Efficient and Fast Similarity Search of Captured Motions
Authors: Chuanjun Li, B. Prabhakaran

Title: Parallel Density-Based Clustering of Complex Objects
Authors: Stefan Brecheisen, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Martin Pfeifle

Title: Evaluation of Attribute-aware Recommender System Algorithms on Data with Varying Characteristics
Authors: Karen H. L. Tso, Lars Schmidt-Thieme

Title: Parallel Randomized Support Vector Machine
Authors: Yumao Lu, Vwani Roychowdhury

Title: Mining Interesting Imperfectly Sporadic Rules
Authors: Yun Sing Koh, Nathan Rountree, Richard O’Keefe

Title: Iterative Clustering Analysis for Grouping Missing Data in
Authors: Dae-Won Kim, Bo-Yeong Kang

Title: Regularized Semi-supervised Classification on Manifold
Authors: Lianwei Zhao, Yanchang Zhao, Siwei Luo, Zhihai Wang

Title: Constructing Decision Trees for Graph-Structured Data by Chunkingless Graph-Based Induction
Authors: Phu Chien Nguyen, Kouzou Ohara, Akira Mogi, Hiroshi Motoda, Takashi Washio

Title: On Robust and Effective K-Anonymity in Large Databases
Authors: Wen Jin, Rong Ge, Weining Qian

Title: Dynamic Category Profiling for Text Filtering and Classification
Authors: Rey-Long Liu

Title: Image Classification via LZ78 based String Kernel: A Comparative Study
Authors: Ming Li, Yanong Zhu

Title: Heterogeneous Information Integration in Hierarchical Text Classification
Authors: Huai-Yuan Yang, Tie-Yan Liu, Li Gao, Wei-Ying Ma

Title: e-tube based Pattern Selection for Support Vector Machines
Authors: Dongil Kim, Sungzoon Cho

Title: Neighborhood Density Method for Selecting Initial Cluster Centers in K-means Clustering
Authors: Yunming Ye, Joshua Zhexue Huang, Xiaojun Chen, Shuigeng Zhou, Graham Williams

Title: Boosting Prediction Accuracy on Imbalanced Datasets with SVM Ensembles
Authors: Yang Liu, Aijun An, Xiangji Huang

Title: Generalized Conditional Entropy and a Metric Splitting Criterion for Decision Trees
Authors: Dan A. Simovici, Szymon Jaroszewicz

Title: Mining maximal correlated member clusters in high dimensional database
Authors: Lizheng jiang, Dongqing yang, Shiwei tang, Xiuli ma, Dehui zhang

Title: A Single Index Approach for Time-Series Subsequence Matching that Supports Moving Average Transform of Arbitrary Order
Authors: Yang-Sae Moon, Jinho Kim

Title: A systematic study of parameter correlations in large scale duplicate document detection
Authors: Shaozhi Ye, Ji-Rong Wen, Wei-Ying Ma

Title: IMB3-Miner: Mining Induced/Embedded Subtrees by Constraining the Level of Embedding
Authors: Henry Tan, Tharam S. Dillon, Fedja Hadzic, Elizabeth Chang, Ling Feng

Title: Privacy-Preserving SVM Classification on Vertically Partitioned Data
Authors: Hwanjo Yu, Jaideep Vaidya, Xiaoqian Jiang

Title: Variable Randomness in Decision Tree Ensembles
Authors: Fei Tony Liu, Kai Ming Ting

Title: Towards Automated Design of Large-scale Circuits by Combining Evolutionary Design with Data Mining
Authors: Shuguang Zhao, Jun Zhao

Title: A Nonparametric Outlier Detection Technique for Effectively Discovering Top-N outliers from Engineering Data
Authors: Hongqin Fan, Osmar Zaiane, Andrew Foss, Junfeng Wu

Title: Quality-Aware Association Rule Mining
Authors: Laure Berti-Equille

Title: Multimedia Semantics Integration Using Linguistic Model
Authors: Bo Yang, Ali Hurson

Title: Multistep-ahead Time Series Prediction
Authors: Haibin Cheng, Pang-Ning Tan, Jing Gao, Jerry Scripps

Title: A Machine Learning Application for Human Resource Data Mining Problem
Authors: Zhen Xu, Binheng Song

Title: Scoring Method for Tumor Prediction from Microarray Data Using an Evolutionary Fuzzy Classifier
Authors: Shinn-Ying Ho, Chih-Hung Hsieh, Hung-Ming Chen, Shinn-Jang Ho

Title: Learning Single-Issue Negotiation Strategies Using Hierarchical Clustering Method
Authors: Jun-Geol Baek, Chang Ouk Kim

Title: Data mining using relational database management systems
Authors: Beibei Zou, Xuesong Ma, Bettina Kemme, Glen Newton, Doina Precup

Title: XCLS: A Fast and Effective Clustering Algorithm for Heterogenous XML Documents
Authors: Richi Nayak, Sumei Xu

Title: Extracting and Summarizing Hot Item Features across Different Auction Web Sites
Authors: Tak-Lam Wong, Wai Lam, Shing-Kit Chan

Title: Constructive Meta-Level Feature Selection Method Based on Method Repositories
Authors: Hidenao Abe, Takahira Yamaguchi

Title: Construction of Finite Automata for Intrusion Detection from System Call Sequences uisng Genetic Algorithms
Authors: Kyubum Wee, Sinjae Lee

Short Papers:

Title: Mining Frequent Spatial Patterns in Image Databases with Applications to Image Classification
Authors: Weita Chen, Yi-Ling Chen, Ming-Syan Chen

Title: Efficient Mining of Emerging Events in a Dynamic Spatiotemporal Environment
Authors: Yu Meng, Margaret H. Dunham

Title: Clustering Multi-Represented Objects Using Combination Trees
Authors: Elke Achtert, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Alexey Pryakhin, Matthias Schubert

Title: Further Improving Emerging Pattern Based Classifiers via Bagging
Authors: Hongjian Fan, Ming Fan, Kotagiri Ramamohanarao, Mengxu Liu

Title: Association-Based Dissimilarity Measures for Categorical Data: Limitation and Improvement
Authors: Le Si Quang, Ho Tu Bao, Le Si Vinh

Title: Ramp: High Performance Frequent Itemset Mining with Efficient Bit-vector Projection Technique
Authors: Shariq Bashir, Abdul Rauf Baig

Title: Finding Consensus Patterns In Very Scarce Biosequence Samples
Authors: Yen Kaow Ng, Shinohara Takeshi

Title: Uncertain Data Mining: An Example in Clustering Location Data
Authors: Michael Chau, Reynold Cheng, Ben Kao, Jackey Ng

Title: Predicting Rare Extreme Values
Authors: Luis Torgo, Rita Ribeiro

Title: Distributed Pattern Discovery in Multiple Streams
Authors: Jimeng Sun, Spiros Papadimitriou, Christos Faloutsos

Title: Hidden Space Principal Component Analysis
Authors: Weida Zhou, Li Zhang, Licheng Jiao

Title: Kernels on lists and sets over relational algebra structures and its application to classification of protein fingerprints
Authors: Adam Woznica, Alexandros Kalousis, Melanie Hilario

Title: Mining Top-K Frequent Closed Itemsets is Not in APX
Authors: Chienwen Wu

Title: Maintaining Frequent Itemsets over High-Speed Data Streams
Authors: James Cheng, Ke Yiping, Wilfred Ng

Title: Variable Support Mining of Frequent Itemsets over Data Streams Using Synopsis Vectors
Authors: Ming-Yen Lin, Sue-Chen Hsueh, Sheng-Kun Hwang

Title: Self-Adaptive Two-Phase Support Vector Clustering for Multi-Relational Data Mining
Authors: Ling Ping

Title: Is Frequency Enough for Decision Makers to Make Decisions?
Authors: Shichao Zhang, Jeffrey Xu Yu, Jingli Lu, Chengqi Zhang

Title: A Multiclass Classification Method Based on the Design of Output Codes
Authors: Qi Qiang, Qinming He

Title: Mining Quantitative Maximal Hyperclique Patterns: A Summary of Results
Authors: Yaochun Huang, Hui Xiong, Weili Wu

Title: FISA: Feature-based Instance Selection for Imbalanced Text Classification
Authors: Aixin Sun, Ee-Peng Lim, Boualem Benatallah, Mahbub Hassan

Title: Simplify the Decision Function of Support Vector Machines by Constructing a Reduced Vector Set
Authors: Yuangui Li, Chen Lin, jinjie Huang, Weidong Zhang

Authors: A. Majid Awan, Mohd. Noor Md. Sap

Title: A Wavelet Analysis Based Data Processing for Time Series of Data Mining Predicting
Authors: W Tong, Yijun Li

Title: TRIPPER: Rule learning using taxonomies
Authors: Flavian Vasile, Adrian Silvescu, Dae-Ki Kang, Vasant Honavar

Title: Clustering Web Sessions by Levels of Page Similarity
Authors: Caren Moraes Nichelle, Karin Becker

Title: Bias-free Hypothesis Evaluation in Multirelational Domains
Authors: Christine Koerner, Stefan Wrobel

Title: Comparison of Documents Classification Techniques to Classify Medical Repors
Authors: F. H. SAAD, B. de la Iglesia, G. D. Smith

Title: Sequential Pattern Mining with Time Interval
Authors: Yu Hirate, Hayato Yamana

Title: Similarity-based Sparse Feature Extraction Using Local Manifold Learning
Authors: Cheong Hee Park

Title: Network Data Mining: Discovering Patterns of Interaction between Attributes
Authors: John Galloway, Simeon J. Simoff

Title: COMET: Event-Driven Clustering over Multiple Evolving Streams
Authors: Mi-Yen Yeh, Bi-Ru Dai, Ming-Syan Chen

Title: Generalized Disjunction-Free Representation of Frequents Patterns with at most k Negations
Authors: Marzena Kryszkiewicz

Title: Enhanced DB-Subdue: Supporting Subtle Aspects of Graph Mining Using a Relational approach
Authors: Ramanathan Balachandran, Srihari Padmanabhan, Sharma Chakravarthy