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Accepted Papers

This year, 113 papers among the 338 submissions have been accepted (with an acceptance rate of 33.43%).

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Regular papers

1. PAKDD09-0093 A Statistical Approach for Binary Vectors Modeling and Clustering

Nizar Bouguila

2. PAKDD09-0105 Negative Encoding Length as a Subjective Interestingness Measure for Groups of Rules

Einoshin Suzuki

3. PAKDD09-0125 A Data Driven Ensemble Classifier for Credit Scoring Analysis

Nan-Chen Hsieh

4. PAKDD09-0129 A Nonparametric Bayesian Learning Model: Application to Text and Image Categorization

Nizar Bouguila

5. PAKDD09-0303 Clustering with lower bound on Similarity

Mohammad Al Hasan

6. PAKDD09-0319 Long-Term Relevance Feedback for Content-Based Image Suggestion

Sabri Boutemedjet

7. PAKDD09-0322 Ranking Vector Machine: An Efficient Method for Learning Ranking SVM

Hwanjo Yu

8. PAKDD09-0330 Sentence-Level Novelty Detection in English and Malay

Agus Trisnajaya Kwee

9. PAKDD09-0361 A kernel framework for protein residue annotation

Huzefa Rangwala

10. PAKDD09-0376 The Studies of Mining Frequent Patterns Based on Frequent Pattern Tree

Show-Jane Yen

11. PAKDD09-0402 A Comparative Study of Bandwidth Choice in Kernel Density Estimation for Naive Bayesian Classification

Bin Liu

12. PAKDD09-0403 Thai Word Segmentation with Hidden Markov Model and Decision Tree

Poramin Bheganan

13. PAKDD09-0411 Approximate Spectral Clustering

Liang Wang

14. PAKDD09-0422 Detecting Link Hijacking by Web Spammers


15. PAKDD09-0423 Interval Data Classification under Partial Information: A Chance-Constraint Approach

Sahely Bhadra

16. PAKDD09-0450 Robust Graph Hyperparameter Learning for Graph Based Semi-Supervised Classification

Krikamol Muandet

17. PAKDD09-0456 Detecting abnormal events via Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes

Xian-Xing Zhang

18. PAKDD09-0457 Quantifying Asymmetric Semantic Relations from Query Logs by Resource Allocation

Zhiyuan Liu

19. PAKDD09-0483 A Polynomial-Delay Polynomial-Space Algorithm for Extracting Frequent Diamond Episodes from Event Sequences

Takashi Katoh

20. PAKDD09-0503 Cool Blog Classification from Positive and Unlabeled Examples

Kritsada Sriphaew

21. PAKDD09-0518 Regularized Local Reconstruction for Clustering

Jun Sun

22. PAKDD09-0546 Efficient Privacy-Preserving Link Discovery

Jaideep Vaidya

23. PAKDD09-0547 DTU: A Decision Tree for Uncertain Data

Biao Qin

24. PAKDD09-0560 Dynamic Exponential Family Matrix Factorization

Kohei Hayashi

25. PAKDD09-0575 An Integration of Fuzzy Association Rules and WordNetfor Document Clustering

Chun-Ling Chen

26. PAKDD09-0588 An efficient method for generating, storing and matching features for text mining


27. PAKDD09-0621 Nonlinear Data Analysis Using A New Hybrid Data Clustering Algorithm

Ureerat Wattanachon

28. PAKDD09-0648 Text Categorization using Fuzzy Proximal SVM and Distributional Clustering of words

Arunkumar Mani

29. PAKDD09-0650 Analysis of Variational Bayesian Matrix Factorization

Shinichi Nakajima

30. PAKDD09-0660 On Link Privacy in Randomizing Social Networks

Xintao Wu

31. PAKDD09-0665 A Multi-Partition Multi-Chunk Ensemble Technique to Classify Concept-Drifting Data Streams

Mohammad Mehedy Masud

32. PAKDD09-0669 Online Feature Selection Algorithm with Bayesian l1 Regularization

Yunpeng Cai

33. PAKDD09-0683 Multi-Resolution Boosting for Classification and Regression

Chandan K Reddy

34. PAKDD09-0686 Exploiting the Block Structure of Link Graph for Efficient Similarity Computation

Pei Li

35. PAKDD09-0690 On Joint Feature Selection and Local Learning Based Clustering

Yiu-ming Cheung

36. PAKDD09-0700 Discovering Periodic-Frequent Patterns in Transactional Databases

Syed Khairuzzaman Tanbeer

37. PAKDD09-0710 Parameter Estimation in Semi-Random Decision Tree Ensembling on Streaming Data

PeiPei Li

38. PAKDD09-0712 Active Learning for Causal Bayesian Network Structure with Non-symmetrical Entropy

Guoliang Li

39. PAKDD09-0714 Acquiring Semantic Relations using the Web as Background Knowledge

Wilson Wong

Short papers

1. PAKDD09-0102 Similarity-based Feature Selection for Learning From Examples with Continuous Values

Yun Li

2. PAKDD09-0106 Incremental nu-Support Vector Machine Learning

Bin Gu

3. PAKDD09-0122 Accurate Synthetic Generation of Realistic Personal Information

Peter Christen

4. PAKDD09-0124 Cross-Channel Query Recommendation on Commercial Mobile Search Engine: Why, How and Empirical Evaluation

Shunkai Fu

5. PAKDD09-0128 Arif Index for Predicting the Classification Accuracy of Features and its Application in Heart Beat Classification Problem

Muhammad Arif

6. PAKDD09-0156 Budget Semi-supervised Learning

Zhi-Hua Zhou

7. PAKDD09-0300 On Pairwise Kernels: An Efficient Alternative and Generalization Analysis

Hisashi Kashima

8. PAKDD09-0302 A New Local Distance-based Outlier Detection Approach for Scattered Real-World Data

Ke Zhang

9. PAKDD09-0307 A Parallel Algorithm for Finding Related Pages in the Web by using Segmented Link Structures

Shen Xiaoyan

10. PAKDD09-0320 Mining Both Positive and Negative Impact-Oriented Sequential Rules From Transactional Data: a Case Study in Social Security

Yanchang Zhao

11. PAKDD09-0321 Mining Outliers with Faster Cutoff Update and Space Utilization

Chi Cheong Szeto

12. PAKDD09-0327 X-tracking the Changes of Web Navigation Patterns

Long Wang

13. PAKDD09-0336 Building a Text Classifier by a Keyword and Unlabeled Documents

Qiu Qiang

14. PAKDD09-0349 Simultaneously Finding Fundamental Articles and New Topics Using a Community Tracking Method

Tieyun Qian

15. PAKDD09-0350 A Discriminative Approach to Topic-based Citation Suggestion

Jie Tang

16. PAKDD09-0355 Spatial Weighting for Bag-of-Visual-Words Representation and Its Application in Content-Based Image Retrieval

Xin Chen

17. PAKDD09-0359 UCI++: Improved Support for Algorithm Selection Using Datasetoids

Carlos Soares

18. PAKDD09-0362 Addressing the Variability of Natural Language Expression in Sentence Similarity with Semantic Structure of the Sentences

Palakorn Achananuparp

19. PAKDD09-0367 Change Analysis in Spatial Data by Combining Contouring Algorithms with Supervised Density Functions

Vadeerat Rinsurongkawong

20. PAKDD09-0372 Growth Analysis of Neighbor Network for Evaluation of Damage Progress

Ken-ichi Fukui

21. PAKDD09-0374 When does Co-Training Work in Real Data?

Charles X. Ling

22. PAKDD09-0377 Item Preference Parameters from Grouped Ranking Observations

Hideitsu Hino

23. PAKDD09-0380 Pairwise Constrained Clustering for Sparse and High Dimensional Feature Spaces

Su Yan

24. PAKDD09-0387 Application-independent feature construction from noisy samples

Dominique Gay

25. PAKDD09-0388 Boosting Biomedical Information Retrieval Performance through Citation Graph: An Empirical Study

Jimmy Huang

26. PAKDD09-0392 Grouped ECOC Conditional Random Fields for Prediction of Web User Behavior

Yong Zhen Guo

27. PAKDD09-0400 Centroid Neural Network with Spatial Constraints

Dong-Chul Park

28. PAKDD09-0401 Classification of Audio Signals Using a Bhattacharyya Kernel-based Centroid Neural Network

Dong-Chul Park

29. PAKDD09-0415 CBDT: A Concept Based Approach to Data Stream Mining

Stefan Hoeglinger

30. PAKDD09-0416 Clustering Documents using a Wikipedia-based Concept Representation

Anna Huang

31. PAKDD09-0418 Let's Tango - Finding the Right Couple for Feature-Opinion Association in Sentiment Analysis

Kam Tong Chan

32. PAKDD09-0424 A Corpus-based Approach for Automatic Thai Unknown Word Recognition using Ensemble Learning Techniques

Jakkrit TeCho

33. PAKDD09-0431 Extracting Fuzzy Rules for Detecting Ventricular Arrhythmias Based on NEWFM

Sang-Hong Lee

34. PAKDD09-0433 Meaningful Subsequence Matching under Time Warping Distance for Data Stream

Vit Niennattrakul

35. PAKDD09-0436 Speeding up Similarity Search on Large Time Series Dataset Under Time Warping Distance

Pongsakorn Ruengronghirunya

36. PAKDD09-0437 A Family-based Evolutional Approach for Kernel Tree Selectionin SVMs

Ithipan Methasate

37. PAKDD09-0442 Data Mining for Intrusion Detection: from Outliers to True Intrusions


38. PAKDD09-0445 A Hybrid Approach to Improve Bilingual Multiword Expression Extraction

Jianyong Duan

39. PAKDD09-0459 Safe-Level-SMOTE: Safe-Level-Synthetic Minority Over-sampling TEchnique for handling the class imbalanced problem

Chumphol Bunkhumpornpat

40. PAKDD09-0463 An Effective Boosting Mehod for Naive Bayesian Classifiers by Local Accuracy Estimation

Zhipeng Xie

41. PAKDD09-0468 A Novel Fractal Representation for Dimensionality Reduction of Large Time Series Data

Poat Sajjipanon

42. PAKDD09-0472 Spanning Tree Based Attribute Clustering

Yifeng Zeng

43. PAKDD09-0474 An Efficient Candidate Pruning Technique for High Utility Pattern Mining

Chowdhury Farhan Ahmed

44. PAKDD09-0489 Clustering Data Streams in Optimization and Geography Domains

Wen-Chih Peng

45. PAKDD09-0490 k-Dominant Skyline Computation by using Sort-Filtering Method

Md. Anisuzzaman Siddique

46. PAKDD09-0495 Trace Mining from Distributed Assembly Databases for Causal Analysis

Shohei Hido

47. PAKDD09-0505 Emotion Recognition of Pop Music Based on Maximum Entropy with Priors

Hui He

48. PAKDD09-0511 The effect of parameter tuning and focusing on bus travel time prediction

Carlos Soares

49. PAKDD09-0528 Diversity in Combinations of Heterogeneous Classifiers

Kuo-Wei Hsu

50. PAKDD09-0529 COMUS: Ontological and Rule-based Reasoning for Music Recommendation System

Seungmin Rho

51. PAKDD09-0534 Learning to Extract Relations for Relational Classification

Steffen Rendle

52. PAKDD09-0535 An Efficient Approximate Protocol for Privacy-Preserving Association Rule Mining

Jaideep Vaidya

53. PAKDD09-0537 On optimal rules discovery: a framework and a necessary and sufficient condition for optimality

Yannick Le Bras

54. PAKDD09-0552 Discovering Action Rules that are Highly Achievable from Massive Data

Einoshin Suzuki

55. PAKDD09-0557 Information Extraction from Thai Text with Unknown Phrase Boundaries

Peerasak I

56. PAKDD09-0569 Using Highly Expressive Contrast Patterns for Classification - Is It Worthwhile?

Elsa Loekito

57. PAKDD09-0583 Hot Item Detection in Uncertain Data

Matthias Renz

58. PAKDD09-0585 Outlier Detection in Axis-Parallel Subspaces of High Dimensional Data

Peer Kröger

59. PAKDD09-0592 An Online Incremental Learning Vector Quantization

Ye Xu

60. PAKDD09-0594 Newistic: a distributed news gathering and analysis platform

Horatiu Mocian

61. PAKDD09-0608 Sparse Kernel Learning and the Relevance Units Machine

Junbin Gao

62. PAKDD09-0617 Link Structure Ranking Algorithm for Trading Networks

Andri Mirzal

63. PAKDD09-0626 Estimating Optimal Feature Subsets Using Mutual Information Feature Selector and Rough Sets

Sombut Foitong

64. PAKDD09-0628 A Multi-Resolution Approach for Atypical Behaviour Mining


65. PAKDD09-0634 An Instantiation of Hierarchical Distance-based Conceptual Clustering for Propositional Learning

Maria Jose Ramirez-Quintana

66. PAKDD09-0637 Website Classification using Extended Hidden Markov Models

Majid Yazdani

67. PAKDD09-0649 Aggregated Subset Mining

Albrecht Zimmermann

68. PAKDD09-0661 Transfer Learning Action Models by Measuring the Similarity of Different Domains

Hankui Zhuo

69. PAKDD09-0670 On Mining Rating Dependencies in Online Collaborative Rating Networks

Hady W. Lauw

70. PAKDD09-0682 Towards a Novel Association Measure via Web Search Results Mining

Xiaojun Wan

71. PAKDD09-0687 An Aggregate Ensemble for Mining Data Streams with both Concept Drifting and Noise

peng zhang

72. PAKDD09-0691 CLHQS: Hierarchical Query Suggestion by Mining Clickthrough Log

Depin Chen

73. PAKDD09-0695 Romanization of Thai Proper Names Based On Popularity Of Usages

Akegapon Tangverapong

74. PAKDD09-0704 Computing Substitution Matrices for Genomic Comparative Analysis

Minh Duc Cao