PAKDD Steering Committee Rules

These rules were endorsed by the Steering Committee, June 2006.

Below, “the organisation” refers to the PAKDD Steering Committee.

  1. Objective of the Association

    The PAKDD Steering Committee is an association of scientists, whose primary purpose of association is to encourage the scientific pursuit of research in data mining in the Pacific Asia region. The committee has oversight of the annual Pacific Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, through the selection of hosts, guidance, if required, in the running of the conference, and provision, if requested, of seed money and money for awards and support of attendance at the conference.

  2. Committee Size and Composition

    The target size of the Steering Committee is 15 with a distribution of representatives from countries of the region.

  3. New Members

    New Steering Committee members come from two sources:

    • (a) Program Chair/Co-Chairs and General Chair/Co-Chairs of the PAKDD conference (either self nominated or nominated by a current Steering Committee member)
    • (b) Recommended by at least 3 Steering Committee members for outstanding achievement and/or contribution to the KDD community in KDD research

    For clause (a) a quorum of half of all Steering Committee members is required. For clause (b) a quorum of two thirds of all Steering Committee members is required. This option will be used to maintain a balance of countries. Voting will be completed within 2 months following each year’s PAKDD Steering Committee meeting. Voting will be conducted by the Steering Committee Chair and all votes will be to the Steering Committee Chair who will maintain anonymity of the votes. Voting will be held by email and will allow 7 days from the calling of the votes for members to email their votes. In each case there is a maximum of two new members each year (so that there could be a maximum of four). The number added each year depends on positions available.

  4. Term of Members

    The term of a Steering Committee member is 3 years with up to two renewals (to a maximum term of 9 years). For a new member appointed under 3 (a) the member is regrarded as having served one year (having organised the conference). A Steering Committee member must attend at least one of the three PAKDD conferences in their first term to be eligible for a first renewal. A Steering Committee member must attend at least two PAKDD conferences in their second term to be eligible for a second renewal.

  5. Any Steering Committee member who does not attend a PAKDD conference for 3 consecutive years will be deemed to have then completed their term as a Steering Committee member.

  6. Life PAKDD Steering Committee memberships will be granted to those Steering Committee members who have either:
    1. served three terms (9 years) and have attended at least 2 PAKDD conference in their third term; or
    2. served two terms (6 years) and have served as the Steering Committee Chair for at least 3 years.

    A life member is not obliged to attend any PAKDD conferences and will hold this membership for life. A life member can only vote for new members if they have attended the PAKDD conference that year.

  7. Non-profit clause

    The assets and income of the organisation shall be applied solely in furtherance of its above-mentioned objects and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the organisation except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation.

  8. Dissolution clause

    In the event of the organisation being dissolved, the amount that remains after such dissolution and the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to another organisation with similar purposes which is not carried on for the profit or gain of its individual members.