The 19th Pacific-Asia Conference on

Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Long Presentation

[39] Evolving Chinese Restaurant Process for Modeling Evolutionary Trace in Temporal Data - Wang, Peng

[44] On Damage Identification in Civil Structures Using Tensor Analysis - Nguyen, Khoa

[50] An Incremental Local Distribution Network for Unsupervised Learning - Cao, Tongyi

[51] Collaborating Differently on Different Topics: A Multi-Relational Approach to Multi-Task Learning - Gupta, Sunil

[57] Clustering-based Scalable Indexing for Multi-party Privacy-preserving Record Linkage - Ranbaduge, Thilina

[65] Stabilizing Sparse Cox Model using Statistic and Semantic Structures in Electronic Medical Records - Gopakumar, Shivapratap

[73] Automated Classification of Passing in Football - Horton, Michael

[75] Boosting via Approaching Optimal Margin Distribution - Liao, Shizhong

[97] SocNL: Bayesian Label Propagation with Confidence - Yamaguchi, Yuto

[110] Small-Variance Asymptotics for Bayesian Nonparametric Models with Constraints - Li, Cheng

[130] A Semi-supervised Framework for Social Spammer Detection - Zhang, Xianchao

[161] Context-aware Detection of Sneaky Vandalism on Wikipedia across Multiple Languages - Tran, Khoi-Nguyen

[215] Maximizing Friend-Making Likelihood for Social Activity Organization - Shen, Chih-Ya

[229] Mining Uncertain Sequential Patterns in iterative MapReduce - Ge, Jiaqi

[263] Quality Control for Crowdsourced POI Collection - Kajimura, Shunsuke

[275] Coupled Matrix Factorization within Non-IID Context - Li, Fangfang

[277] Principal Sensitivity Analysis - Koyamada, Sotetsu

[297] What Is New in Our City?  A Framework for Event Extraction Using Social Media Posts - Xia, Chaolun

[311] Link Prediction in Aligned Heterogeneous Networks - Xia, Shu-Tao

[315] Complementary usage of Tips and Reviews for Location Recommendation in Yelp - Gupta, Saurabh

[323] Cost-sensitive Feature Selection on Heterogeneous Data - Shu, Wenhao

[328] Multiple Factors-Aware Diffusion in Social Networks - Chou, Chung-Kuang

[350] Predicting Smartphone Adoption in Social Networks  - Wu, Le

[387] Contextual Anomaly Detection Using Log-linear Tensor Factorization - Shah, Alpa Jayesh

[421] Parameter Estimation for the Generalized Gamma Distribution via the Modified Newton Method - Luo, Rui

[422] CPT+: Decreasing the time/space complexity of the Compact Prediction Tree - Fournier-Viger, Philippe

[441] Coupling Multiple Views of Relations for Recommendation - Fu, Bin


Regular Presentation

[5] A Feature Extraction Method for Multivariate Time Series Classification Using Temporal Patterns - Zhou, Pei-Yuan

[12] Multi-Task Metric Learning on Network Data - Fang, Chen

[16] A Comparative Study on Parallel LDA Algorithms in MapReduce Framework - Zeng, Jia

[31] An Empirical Study on Activity-Partner Recommendation - TU, WENTING

[42] Scalable Outlying-Inlying Aspects Discovery via Features Ranking - Nguyen, Xuan Vinh

[47] Predicting Next Locations with Object Clustering and Trajectory Clustering - Chen, Meng

[52] Efficient Interactive Training Selection for Large-scale Entity - Wang, Qing

[56] Nearest Neighbor Method Based on Local Distribution for Classification - Hu, Bin

[77] A Core-attach Based Method for Identifying Protein Complexes in Dynamic PPI Networks - chen, Liu

[80] Incorporating Probabilistic Knowledge into Topic Models - Yao, Liang

[83] pairwise one class recommendation algorithm - Qiu, Huimin

[88] Achieving Accuracy Guarantee for Answering Batch Queries with Differential Privacy - Huang, Dong

[96] RIT: Enhancing Recommendation with Inferred Trust - Yan, Guo

[98] Understanding Community Effects on Information Diffusion - Lin, Shuyang

[101] Learning Focused Hierarchical Topic Models with Semi-Supervision in Microblogs - Slutsky, Anton

[116] Prediciton of Emergency Events: A Multi-task Multi-label learning Approach  - Saha, Budhaditya

[121] Emotion Cause Detection for Chinese Micro-blogs based on ECOCC Model - Xu, Hua

[125] Discovering the Impact of Urban Traffic Interventions Using Contrast Mining on Vehicle Trajectory Data - Wang, Xiaoting

[136] Seamlessly Integrating Effective Links with Attributes for Networked Data Classification - Zhao, Yangyang

[138] An Empirical Study of Personal Factors and  Social Effects on Rating Prediction - Zhijin, Wang

[144] A Learning-rate Schedule for Stochastic Gradient Methods to Matrix Factorization - Lin, Chih-Jen

[168] Cluster Sequence Mining: Causal Inference with Time and Space Proximity under Uncertainty - Fukui, Ken-ichi

[169] Predicting Future Links between Disjoint Research Areas using Heterogeneous Bibliographic Information Network - Sebastian, Yakub

[170] Uncover the Latent Structures of Crowd Labeling - Tian, Tian

[171] Double Ramp Loss Based Reject Option Classifier - Manwani, Naresh

[175] o-HETM: An Online Hierarchical Entity Topic Model for News Streams - HU, Linmei

[178] Online and Stochastic Universal Gradient Methods for Minimizing Regularized H\"older Continuous Finite Sums in Machine Learning - Shi, Ziqiang

[185] Modeling User Interest and Community Interest in Microbloggings: An Integrated Approach - HOANG, Tuan-Anh

[192] Graph Based Relational Features for Collective Classification - Bayer, Immanuel

[195] Decomposition Based SAT Encodings for Itemset Mining Problems - Sais, Lakhdar

[200] Immune Centroids Over-Sampling Method for Multi-Class Classification - Ai, Xusheng

[201] A Bayesian Nonparametric Approach to Multilevel Regression - Nguyen, Vu

[211] Locating Self-collection Points for Last-mile Logistics using Public Transport Data - Wu, Huayu

[216] Scale-Adaptive Group Optimization for Social Activity Planning - Yang, De-Nian

[218] On Burst Detection and Prediction in Retweeting Sequence - Wu, Xintao

[222] Learning of Performance Measures from Crowd-sourced Data with Application to Ranking of Investments - Harris, Greg

[225] Learning Conditional Latent Structures from Multiple Data Sources - Huynh, Viet

[231] Clustering on Multi-source Incomplete Data via Tensor Modeling and Factorization - Shao, Weixiang

[232] Towards Efficient Sequential Pattern Mining in Temporal Uncertain Databases - Ge, Jiaqi

[235] Efficient Discovery of Recurrent Routine Behaviours in Smart Meter Time Series by Growing Subsequences - Wang, Jin

[236] Parallel Recursive Deep Model for Sentiment Analysis - Li, Changliang

[242] Efficient Methods for Multi-label Classification - Sun, Chonglin

[261] Iterative Use of Weighted Voronoi Diagrams to Improve Scalability in Recommender Systems - Das, Joydeep

[262] Fast One-Class Support Vector Machine for Novelty Detection - Le, Trung

[264] ND-SYNC: Detecting Synchronized Fraud Activities - Giatsoglou, Maria

[266] #FewThingsAboutIdioms: Understanding Idioms and its users in Twitter - Rudra, Koustav

[267] Distributed Newton Methods for Regularized Logistic Regression - Zhuang, Yong

[270] Spectral Clustering for Large-Scale Social Networks via a Pre-Coarsening Sampling based NystrÖm Method  - Kang, Ying

[273] Retweeting activity on Twitter: Signs of Deception - Giatsoglou, Maria

[276] pcStream: A Stream Clustering Algorithm for Dynamically Detecting and Managing Temporal Contexts - Mirsky, Yisroel

[279] Locally Optimized Hashing for Nearest Neighbor Search - Tokui, Seiya

[283] Sentiment Analysis on Microblogging by Integrating Text and Image Features - Shang, Lin


[291] Hierarchical Dirichlet Process for Tracking Complex Topical Structure Evolution and Its Application to Autism Research Literature - Beykikhoshk, Adham

[303] Automated Detection for Probable Homologous Foodborne Disease Outbreaks - Xiao, Xiao

[307] Unsupervised Blocking Key Selection for Real-Time Entity Resolution  - Ramadan, Banda

[314] A Plane Moving Average Algorithm for Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction - Lv, Lei

[319] TSum4act: A Framework for Retrieving and Summarizing Actionable Tweets during a Disaster for Reaction - Nguyen, Minh-Tien

[325] Clustering over Data Streams based on Growing Neural Gas - Ghesmoune, Mohammed

[329] Sentiment Analysis in Transcribed Utterances - Ofek, Nir

[336] Identifying Hesitant and Interested Customers for Targeted Social Marketing - Ma, Guowei

[338] A Coupled k-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm for Multi-label Classification - Liu, Chunming

[339] A DC Programming Approach for Sparse Optimal Scoring - Le Thi, Hoai An

[340] Convolutional Nonlinear Neighbourhood Components Analysis for Time Series Classification - ZHENG, Yi

[345] Use Correlation Coefficients in Gaussian Process to Train Stable ELM Models - HE, Yulin

[349] Mining Association Rules in Graphs based on Frequent Cohesive Itemsets - Hendrickx, Tayena

[356] Local Adaptive and Incremental Gaussian Mixture for Online Density Estimation - Shen, Furao

[358] Learning Topic-Oriented Word Embedding for Query Classification - Hu, Qinmin

[380] Online Prediction of Chess Match Result - Masud, Mohammad

[386] Latent Space Tracking from Heterogeneous Data with an Application for Anomaly Detection - Ning, Xia

[388] Minimal Jumping Emerging Patterns: computation and practical assessment - Cuissart, Bertrand

[392] Resampling-based Gap Analysis for Detecting Nodes with High Centrality on Large Social Network - Ohara, Kouzou

[393] Influence Maximization across Partially Aligned Heterogenous Social Networks - Zhan, Qianyi

[399] Rank matrix factorisation - Le Van, Thanh

[404] Recommending Profitable Taxi Travel Routes based on Big Taxi Trajectories Data - Yang, Wenxin

[413] Collaborative Multi-view Learning with Active Discriminative Prior for Recommendation - Zhang, Qing

[414] Reliable Early Classification on Multivariate Time Series with Numerical and Categorical Attributes - Tseng, Vincent S.

[416] HierRating: A Hierarchical Generative Bayesian Model for Entity Latent Aspect Rating Analysis - Wang, Xun

[419] Document Classification based on Distributed Document Representation: A Supervised Deep Learning Framework - Li, Rumeng

[423] Mining High Utility Itemsets in Big Data - Tseng, Vincent S.

[425] A Stochastic Framework for Short-term Solar Irradiance Forecasting - Xu, Jin

[433] Trend-based Citation Count Prediction for Research Articles - Li, Cheng-Te

[443] Optimizing Classifiers for Hypothetical Scenarios - Chawla, Nitesh

[444] Do-Rank: DCG Optimization for Learning-to-Rank in Tag-based Item Recommendation Systems - Ifada, Noor

[448] Semi Supervised Adaptive Framework for Classifying Evolving Data Stream - Haque, Ahsanul

[452] Repulsive-SVDD Classification - Tran, Dat

[455] Centroid-Means-Embedding: an Approach to Infusing Word Embeddings into Features for Text Classification - Sohrab, Mohammad

[457] An Embedding Scheme for Detecting Anomalous Block Structured Graphs - Rashidi, Lida

[464] A New Feature Sampling Method in Random Forests for Prediction High Dimensional Data - Nguyen, Thanh-Tung

[472] ClustCube Cubes: A Novel OLAP-based Mining Structure for Clustering Complex Database Objects - Cuzzocrea, Alfredo