Long Presentation

[448] Evaluating Pattern Set Mining Strategies in a Constraint Programming Framework
Tias Guns, Siegfried Nijssen and Luc De Raedt.

[162] A Partial Correlation-Based Bayesian Network Structure Learning Algorithm under SEM
Jing Yang.

[190] Identifying Hidden Contexts in Classification
Indre Zliobaite.

[405] Margin-Based Over-Sampling Method for Learning From Imbalanced Datasets
Xiannian Fan, Ke Tang and Thomas Weise.

[49] Faster and Parameter-Free Discord Search in Quasi-Periodic Time Series
Wei Luo and Marcus Gallagher.

[383] Adaptive and Effective Keyword Search for XML
Weidong Yang, Hao Zhu, Nan Li and Guansheng Zhu.

[70] Improving k Nearest Neighbor with Exemplar Generalization for Imbalanced Classification
Yuxuan Li and Xiuzhen Zhang.

[136] Real-time Change-point Detection Using Sequentially Discounting Normalized Maximum Likelihood Coding
Yasuhiro Urabe, Kenji Yamanishi, Ryota Tomioka and Hiroki Iwai.

[139] Learning to Advertising-How many ads are enough?
Bo Wang, Zhaonan Li, Jie Tang, Kuo Zhang and Songcan Chen.

[202] Sample subsets optimization for classifying imbalanced biological data
Pengyi Yang, Zili Zhang, Bing Zhou and Albert Zomaya.

[241] High-Order Co-Clustering Text data on Semantics-based Representation Model
liping jing, Jiali Yun, Jian Yu and Joshua Huang.

[388] Class Confidence Weighted kNN Algorithms for Imbalanced Data Sets
Wei Liu and Sanjay Chawla.

[33] Steering Time-Dependent Estimation of Posteriors with Hyperparameter Indexing in Bayesian Topic Models
Tomonari Masada, Atsuhiro Takasu, Yuichiro Shibata and Kiyoshi Oguri.

[54] A subpath kernel for rooted unordered trees
Daisuke Kimura, Tetsuji Kuboyama, Tetsuo Shibuya and Hisashi Kashima.

[283] TeamSkill: Modeling Team Chemistry in Online Multi-Player Games
Colin DeLong, Kendrick Erickson, Eric Perrino, Nishith Pathak, Kyong Shim and Jaideep Srivastava.

[158] Cross-Lingual Sentiment Classification via Bi-view Non-negative Matrix Tri-Factorization
Junfeng Pan, Gui-Rong Xue and Yong Yu.

[85] Constrained LDA for Grouping Product Features in Opinion Mining
Zhongwu Zhai, Bing Liu, Hua Xu and Peifa Jia.

[295] Spectral Analysis of k-balanced Signed Graphs
Leting Wu, Xiaowei Ying, Xintao Wu, Aidong Lu and Zhi-Hua Zhou.

[285] Predicting Friendship Links in Social Networks Using a Topic Modeling Approach
Rohit Parimi and Doina Caragea.

[267] Multiple Distribution Data Description Learning Algorithm for Novelty Detection
Trung Le, Dat Tran, Wanli Ma and Dharmendra Sharma.

[145] Classification Probabilistic PCA with Application in Domain Adaptation
Victor Cheng and C.H. LI.

[165] The Role of Hubness in Clustering High-Dimensional Data
Nenad Tomasev, Milos Radovanovic, Dunja Mladenic and Mirjana Ivanovic.

[125] Semantic Dependent Word Pairs Generative Model for Fine-grained Product Feature Mining
Tian-Jie Zhan and Chun-Hung Li.

[90] Spectral Analysis for Billion-Scale Graphs: Discoveries and Implementation
U Kang, Brendan Meeder and Christos Faloutsos.

[81] A Sequential Dynamic Multi-class Model and Recursive Filtering by Variational Bayesian Methods
Xiang-yun Qing and Xing-yu Wang.

[42] INSIGHT: Efficient and Effective Instance Selection for Time Series Classification
Krisztian Antal Buza, Alexandros Nanopoulos and Lars Schmidt-Thieme.

[203] Using Constraints to Generate and Explore Higher Order Discriminative Patterns
Michael Steinbach, Haoyu Yu, Gang Fang and Vipin Kumar.

[191] Learning the Funding Momentum of Research Projects
Dan He.

[262] Grammatical Dependency-Based Relations for Term Weighting in Text Classification
Dat Huynh, Dat Tran, Wanli Ma and Dharmendra Sharma.

[369] Mining Maximal Co-location Patterns
Jin Soung Yoo and Mark Bow.

[63] XML Documents Clustering using Tensor Space Model
Sangeetha Kutty, Richi Nayak and Yuefeng Li.

[98] Probabilistic Matrix Factorization Leveraging Contexts for Unsupervised Relation Extraction
Shingo Takamatsu, Issei Sato and Hiroshi Nakagawa.

Short Presentation

[354] Spatial Entropy-based Clustering for Mining Data with Spatial Correlation
Baijie Wang and Xin Wang.

[392] The Unsymmetrical-Style Co-training
Bin Wang, Harry Zhang, Bruce Spencer and Yuanyuan Guo.

[210] Random Ensemble Decision Trees for Learning Concept-Drifting Data Streams
Peipei Li, Xindong Wu, Xuegang Hu and Yuhong Zhang.

[325] An Efficient Pre-processing Method to Identify Logical Components from PDF Documents
Ying Liu.

[50] Balance Support Vector Machines Locally Using the Structural Similarity Kernel
Jianxin Wu.

[245] RADAR:Rare Category Detection via Computation of Boundary Degree
Hao Huang, Qinming He, Jiangfeng He and Lianhang Ma.

[104] An Instance Selection Algorithm Based on Reverse Nearest Neighbor
Bi-Ru Dai and Shu-Ming Hsu.

[71] Multiple Time-series Prediction Through Multiple Time-series Relationships Profiling and Clustered Recurring Trends
Harya Widiputra, Russel Pears and Nikola Kasabov.

[153] Pattern Mining for a Two-stage Information Filtering System
Xujuan Zhou.

[424] LGM: Mining Frequent Subgraphs from Linear Graphs
Yasuo Tabei, Daisuke Okanohara, Shuichi Hirose and Koji Tsuda.

[290] Combining Proper Name-Coreference with CRF for Semi-supervised Named Entity Recognition in Vietnamese Text
Rathany Chan Sam, Huong Thanh Le, Thuy Thanh Nguyen and Thien Huu Nguyen.

[155] Info-Cluster Based Regional Influence Analysis in Social Networks
Chao Li, Zhongying Zhao, Jun Luo and Jianping Fan.

[232] A Game Theoretic Approach for Feature Clustering and Its Application to Feature Selection
Dinesh Garg, Sundararajan Sellamanickam and Shirish Shevade.

[176] Self-Adjust Local Connectivity Analysis for Spectral Clustering
Guangzhi Qu.

[89] Feature Selection Strategy in Text Classification
Gabriel Pui Cheong Fung, Fred Morstatter and Huan Liu.

[329] Using Classifier-Based Nominal Imputation to Improve Machine Learning
Xiaoyuan Su, Russell Greiner, Taghi M. Khoshgofttar and Amri Napolitano.

[76] Efficient Centrality Monitoring for Time-evolving Graphs
Yasuhiro Fujiwara, Makoto Onizuka and Masaru Kitsuregawa.

[445] Predicting Private Company Exits using Qualitative Data
Harish Bhat and Daniel Zaelit.

[380] Utilizing Past Relations and User Similarities in a Social Matching System
Richi Nayak.

[350] An Effective Density-based Hierarchical Clustering Technique to identify Coherent Patterns from Gene Expression Data
Saurav Sarmah, Rosy Das (Sarmah) and Dhruba Bhattacharyya.

[310] Asking Generalized Queries with Minimum Cost
Jun Du and Charles Ling.

[303] Compression for Anti-Adversarial Learning
Yan Zhou, Meador Inge and Murat Kantarcioglu.

[39] Efficiently Retrieving Longest Common Route Patterns of Moving Objects By Summarizing Turning Regions
Guangyan Huang, Yanchun Zhang, Jing He and Zhiming Ding.

[400] Topic Analysis of Web User Behavior using LDA Model on Proxy Logs
Hiroshi Fujimoto, Minoru Etoh, Akira Kinno and Yoshikazu Akinaga.

[397] A Bayesian Framework for Learning Shared and Individual Subspaces from Multiple Data Sources
Sunil Kumar Gupta, Dinh Phung, Brett Adams and Svetha Venkatesh.

[36] RKOF: Robust Kernel-Based Local Outlier Detection
Jun Gao, Weiming Hu, Zhongfei Zhang, Xiaoqin Zhang and Ou Wu.

[233] Nonlinear Discriminative Embedding for Clustering via Spectral Regularization
Yubin Zhan and Jianping Yin.

[219] Graph-based Clustering with Constraints
Rajul Anand and Chandan K. Reddy.

[142] Unsupervised Feature Weighting based on Local Feature Relatedness
Jiali Yun, Liping Jing, Jian Yu and Houkuan Huang.

[442] Ranking Individuals and Groups by Influence Propagation
Pei Li, Jeffrey Xu Yu, Hongyan Liu, Jun He and Xiaoyong Du.

[175] Mining Sequential Patterns from Probabilistic Databases
Muhammad Muzammal and Rajeev Raman.

[13] Learning Image Manifold through Tensor Kernels based on Local Features
Yi Guo and Junbin Gao.

[198] Dynamic Ordering-based Search Algorithm for Markov Blanket Discovery

[292] On the global convergence of HOSVD and ParaFac algorithms
Dijun Luo, chris ding and Heng Huang.

[402] An Adaptive Fuzzy k-Nearest Neighbor Method Based on Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization for Bankruptcy Prediction
Dayou Liu.

[235] SizeSpotSigs: an Effective Deduplicate Algorithm Considering the Size of Page Content
Xianling Mao, Xiaobing Liu, Xiaoming Li, Hongfei Yan, Jing He, Nan Di and Dongdong Shan.

[431] Retrieval and Novelty Mining of Chinese Sentences
Flora Tsai.

[306] Mining Association Rules for Label Ranking
Cl¨¢udio S¨¢, Carlos Soares, Al¨ªpio Jorge, Paulo Azevedo and Joaquim Costa.

[105] A Rule-based Method For Customer Churn Prediction in Telecommunication Services
Ying Huang, Bingquan HUANG and Tahar Kechadi.

[321] Improved Spectral Hashing
sanparith marukatat.

[278] Tracing Evolving Clusters by Subspace and Value Similarity
Stephan G¨¹nnemann, Hardy Kremer, Charlotte Laufk?tter and Thomas Seidl.

[148] Large Scale Real-life Action Recognition Using Conditional Random Fields and a New Training Method
Xu Sun, Hisashi Kashima and Naonori Ueda.

[227] On Sampling Type Distribution from Heterogeneous Social Networks
Jhao-Yin Li and Mi-Yen Yeh.

[372] Automatic Assignment of Item Weights for Pattern Mining on Data Streams
Yun Sing Koh, Russel Pears and Gill Dobbie.

[377] An Effective Feature Selection Method for Text Categorization
Xipeng Qiu, Jinlong Zhou and Xuanjing Huang.

[395] Ant Colony Optimization with Markov Random Walk for Clustering in Complex Networks
Di Jin, Dayou Liu, Bo Yang, Jie Liu and Dongxiao He.

[287] Semi-Supervised Parameter-free Divisive Hierarchical Clustering of Categorical Data
Tengke Xiong, Shengrui Wang, Andr¨¦ Mayers and Ernest Monga.

[121] A IFS-based Similarity Measure to Index Electroencephalograms
Ghita Berrada and Ander de Keijzer.

[399] Knowledge Transfer across Multilingual Corpora via Latent Topics
Jie Tang, Wim De Smet and Marie-Francine Moens.

[130] Packing Alignment: Alignment for Sequences of Various Length Events
Atsuyoshi Nakamura and Mineichi Kudo.

[413] Collaborative Data Cleaning for Sentiment Classification with Noisy Training Corpus
Xiaojun Wan.

[19] Finding Rare Classes: Adapting Generative and Discriminative Models in Active Learning
Timothy Hospedales, Tao Xiang and Shaogang Gong.

[20] DISC: Data-Intensive Similarity Measure for Categorical Data
Aditya Desai, Himanshu Singh and Vikram Pudi.

[291] Multiagent Based Classification Using Argumentation From Experience
Maya Wardeh, Frans Coenen and Trevor Bench-Capon.

[252] Probabilistic Feature Extraction from Multivariate Time Series using Spatio-Temporal Constraints
Michal Lewandowski, Dimitrios Makris and Jean-Christophe Nebel.

[166] ListOPT: A Learning to Optimize Method for XML Ranking
Ning Gao, Zhihong Deng, Hang Yu and Jia-Jian Jiang.

[35] Agent-based Subspace Clustering
Chao Luo, Yanchang Zhao, Dan Luo and Chengqi Zhang.

[302] Item Set Mining Based on Cover Similarity
Marc Segond and Christian Borgelt.

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