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PAKDD Steering Committee Conference Policy Guidelines

This document covers the submission and no-show policies. These guidelines were developed by the PAKDD Organising and Steering Committee in 2007 as a recommendation for adoption by future PAKDD Conference Organisers.

PAKDD Paper Submission Policy

The scope of PAKDD and the required format and page limitations are indicated in the Call For Papers of PAKDD.

  1. The paper must fit the scope of PAKDD.
  2. The paper must conform to the required format and page limitations.
  3. The paper must be original, and must not be published or under consideration to be published elsewhere.
  4. Plagiarism is unacceptable.
    1. The verbatim copy and/or reuse of material (text, formula, graphics) from other published papers (either by the author or by other authors) without explicit citation, is considered to be plagiarism. Quotations should be clearly identified and include the appropriate citation. For example, "According to Smith and Jones (2007) '......'", or "'......' (Smith and Jones, 2007).
    2. When a new submission is based on the authors or on another author's previously published works, the citation of the previous works should be clearly given in the new paper. Furthermore, the novel contribution of the current paper, which extends the previous works, should be clearly indicated.

    This policy on plagiarism for PAKDD has benefited from the guidelines on how to handle plagiarism statement developed by the IEEE.

No-Show Policy

PAKDD defines "no-show" as the author (or one of the authors) not being present g at their allocated conference/workshop session for presentation of their paper. PAKDD categorizes no-shows and takes the identified actions as below:

  1. Withdrawal, before proceedings are finalised.

    If none of the authors register for the conference/workshop before the required deadline, prior to the proceedings being finalised, the paper will be deemed as being withdrawn from the conference, and will not be included in the proceedings or the conference program.

  2. Good faith no-show, after final program is published.

    When none of the authors can attend the conference for their paper presentation, due to unforeseen circumstances, the authors MUST inform the PC chairs immediately the situation arises. The authors are required to arrange for a delegate to present the paper at the conference/workshop, and the authors must identify the surrogate presenter to the PC chairs prior to the conference.

  3. Bad faith no-show during conference.

    If the authors fail to inform the conference organiser of their change in circumstances and are not available for the presentation of their paper, the conference will inform the authors' organization. In addition, if the authors have a record of bad faith no-show with previous PAKDD conferences, the proceedings will not be made available to the authors, and future submissions to PAKDD conferences by the authors will be barred for up to three years.

This document was drafted 7 May 2007 by Takashi Washio and reviewed by Jaideep Srivastava. Updated 6 June 2007 by Graham Williams.

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